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Sales and Communication Training Program

Zaron Cosmetics

The Challenge

Zaron Cosmetics aimed to enhance staff abilities and customer engagement through a tailored Sales and Communication Training Program. The industry challenge was inadequate customer interaction due to a lack of standardized training. To address this, CPPL conducted a comprehensive training focusing on customer service, business writing, and communication skills.

Our Solution

The program incorporated videos, role-playing, and discussions, emphasizing the importance of consistent customer experiences and handling complaints effectively. Key topics included consultative selling, customer touchpoints management, and business acumen. The delivery method involved facilitator-led sessions promoting peer learning and practical application.

The Result

Participants gained valuable insights into value creation, effective communication, and managing customer touchpoints. Assessments revealed high participant satisfaction and an appreciation for the program’s impact on personal and business growth. The training’s success was highlighted through positive feedback and a commitment to applying learned skills to enhance sales and customer relationships at Zaron Cosmetics.