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How Well Are You Using Social Media Marketing? It Will Do Your Brand So Much Good.

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your customers and clients (audience) in the form of a community to build your brand. Your business engagement with your community via this medium will create quality awareness, drive good traffic to your website and increase sales, in a way that is structured and consistent. In fact, “Statistics reveal that 78% of shoppers trust the advice of folks that they know. Only 14% trust advertisers. These figures show precisely how important proper social media marketing would be to the advertising industry”

For Social Media Marketing to be effective, you will need to develop a focused strategy to drive your content and audience management. This involves designing and posting great content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running advertising campaigns to drive specific goals and objectives. 

The major social media platforms subscribed to by small and growing businesses are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat. These are great and if effectively leveraged, can indeed drive the business in the right direction.

To support our SME clients, we focus on three critical areas:

  1. Design. We develop great look and feel for all channels-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. 
  2. Content. We develop rich and relevant content and ensure regular posting of and consistent posting of content.  
  3. Response Management – We ensure prompt response to requests/enquiries

Ultimately, we work closely with our clients to leverage social media to:

  • Promote knowledge of their brands, products & services in a way that ensures two way communication.
  • Deploy platforms and Apps that will enable active social engagement in the created online social community. 
  • Measure performance to ensure we are on track with previously set goals and objectives. 



Because we understand that active social media presence is at the heart of a successful strategy, we execute with excellence, to ensure your brand is active and the engagement is real. We keep the conversation within the community interesting and relevant giving strength to the feeling of community. We ensure quick response, a strong non-negotiable for success, keeping track of customer sentiment. 

To get the kind of excellent results we are known for, we use a range of Social Media Marketing tools to ensure that our clients get maximum ROI from their social media platforms. “A consumer’s perception of a brand has always been shaped by what others say about the brand”. With digital and social media, consumers are now more exposed than ever to what others think, say, buy, wear, drink, like etc.

The social media strategy of any brand must as a necessity incorporate the 4 C’s of modern day branding (by NEWYORKAVE) – community, content, curration and collaboration. If you get these right, you will be creating value for your audience. Click below for more information.

  • Community
    Your business will gain a powerful competitive edge by cultivating a digital tribe called community on social media and leveraging same to spread the word about your business – your value proposition. If you really want to create a community on social media for your brand, you need to take into account what your audience is interested and passionate about as it relates to your business


  • Content
    Our content must be relevant and contemporary. Your audience is interested in quality content, that has is clearly addressing an issue that is interent and importance to them. You must stay with your  value proposition use it as a guide to develop your messages and calendar. Always remember that the overall aim of social media is to build a sense of community. 


  • Curation
    Curation is something that businesses need to incorporate into their branding strategies year-round to help personalize the customer experience. More than ever, consumers value convenience, and curating a list of best selling products or a holiday gift guide that can easily be digested and shared on social media is very appealing to an online audience. When curation is done right, it allows brands to further leverage their loyal fanbase to increase awareness and spread the good word.


  • Collaboration
    Look for opportunities to collaborate with other brands that your target audience is passionate about. Use social media to start a conversation with your online audience about products and services that they can’t get enough of in addition to what you have to offer.


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© Copyright 2012 – 2022 Customer Passion Point Limited All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2012 – 2022 Customer Passion Point Limited All rights reserved.