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CPPL SME Consulting Proposition

 SMEs need advice like a house on fire needs water. When the pressure of managing businesses and staying afloat hits, many such businesses are overwhelmed and do not really have the resources to deal with such situations. To ensure they do not crumble under the pressure, the services of an experienced consultant becomes invaluable. 

SMEs concern themselves with core production of the products or services they want to sell or deliver. They never really bargain for all the other business needs that will arise to support what they put out in the market – Marketing, HR, financial advice, ICT services, and business plan writing amongst others.

Navigating through their requirements can be daunting because they are swimming in unfamiliar waters. Without appreciable knowledge of the disciplines involved, they make poor choices, bad decisions, usually around cost, when there could be other considerations they do not know about. It becomes a never-ending cycle of short sprints that do not elevate the organization strategically. Most of the time this fire brigade approach amounts to plugging holes and not building new roads.

The CPPL SME Support Team is set up to work with this caliber of businesses on a subscription/retainership basis. This ensures that they do not run their business bearing prohibiting overheads from employing people to carry out these functions. They need the expertise but do not have to bear the full cost of hiring. That is what the CPPL SME Support Team brings to the table- expertise at affordable costs that enable business growth and profitability. 

 How do we determine value for the client?

We analyze the real issues with the client and come up with several possible options to resolve them. Generally, the client makes ballpark estimates of how these options add up financially, we take it a notch higher to look at the qualitative results of each of the options. Together, we come up with a workable solution whilst keeping in mind the need for them to make profit.   

 How will progress be measured?

Every discipline has its own Key Performance Indicators. We will agree with the client on clear objectives and the time required to achieve them. In the end, it is not about the inputs, it’s about the outputs. The Client does not need to concern himself with the details of how we deliver. We just do. We would use automated scorekeeping everyone has access to, for example, a web-based marketing dashboard anyone can check any time.

 How often shall we meet?

In the first few months, we meet weekly in-person with the client. However, once the project is up and running, the meetings would be formally scheduled fortnightly. Of course we recognize that this is subject to the needs of each client. Technology makes it possible for constant communication despite being in different locations.  

 How are the interventions planned?

During the meetings, we assess progress and discuss future interventions. We then develop a schedule that would clearly state tasks/ expected milestones and timeframes distributed between CPPL and our client. This would also include any third party collaborators. 

 Our Team:

We are made up of very skilled and experienced professionals who understand business analysis, what motivates consumers and how to put strategies in place to improve business. 

We are able to balance both strategy and execution to ensure that value is created in a manner that is consistent and sustainable. 

We listen and ensure that what is to be done is driven by a good understanding of the issues our clients are trying to deal with. A good understanding and application of the concept of the 5Cs of business (Company, Customer, Competition, Collaborators and Climate) are some of our assets. 



Our solutions include:

    • Marketing services
    • Sales support
    • Channel development
    • Customer service definition and design
    • Brand management
    • Capacity development & training
    • Advisory services – HR, Finance, Accounts, IT, Legal etc.
    • Value creation and business development mentorship

 Start now by scheduling a consultation / scoping discussion.

No one can tell you your company’s needs without speaking with you. We know you need the services we provide but let’s talk first so the solutions are better tailored to you. You deserve our attention.

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Customer Passion Point LtdHead Office
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OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
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© Copyright 2012 – 2020 Customer Passion Point Limited All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2012 – 2020 Customer Passion Point Limited All rights reserved.