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Sales activation is the process of driving leads directly through immediate prospects who are actively looking for the product or service you are offering. It is essentially when a prospective client has decided they want to buy. This process happens at the bottom of the marketing funnel when the customer is assessing their options and determining whether or not what you are offering will help them get what they want.

Every company is at a different stage in its sales activation journey, and to succeed, it must be custom tailored to meet these individual demands.

Sales activation is the process of giving your staff the tools, insight, and information they need to generate and close more sales faster. This is also an important and frequently overlooked or mismanaged interaction between marketing, sales, and technology.

A top-performing Sales Activation program transforms and enhances the way marketing and sales work together to improve conversion rates, increase pipeline velocity, improve lead management processes, and increase visibility and insights at this stage of the buying process. Not only does this increase revenue, it also results in an improved experience for the buyer.

Sales activation campaign

Sales activation activities include marketing methods directed at in-market buyers. These advertisements are intended to capture pre-existing demand from consumers who are already aware of problems and solutions and may ask Google for specific information. These campaigns are designed to reach out to people who are actively looking to purchase the products or services you are advertising through your marketing efforts.

These programs work best in a well-established market where there is a significant amount of demand for what you have to provide. During the sales activation process, marketing initiatives are used to raise awareness of your product. The goal of sales activation is to generate sales. When a customer is in the decision-making stage and decides to buy something. Brand building and marketing are often how a customer arrives at this stage.

If you have a marketing campaign that is geared towards influencing potential customers to make a sale that is a sales activation effort. It is a short-term tactic, but important because it generates revenue.

The sales activation process does the following:

  • Larger transaction sizes
  • Improved visibility and performance tracking in the integrated marketing and sales funnel.
  • More effective use of sales resources
  • Better buyer experiences as prospects progress through the buyer’s journey

Case Study – MoMo PSB Canvasser Recruitment & Management.

An example of a sales activation is our current project with MoMo PSB. We developed an exciting activation strategy for the product adoption of the MTN Momo agent among youths and middle-aged Nigerians across regions in Nigeria, including Edo, Ekiti, Ondo, and Kwara states.

Currently, 1880 canvassers have been recruited and are being tracked and monitored in order to deliver on all our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

We joined the MoMo PSB family on 1st September 2022 charged with the
responsibility of driving the growth of MoMo PSB in the Benin Area.

We started off with 1,320 canvassers and managed them effectively to deliver
outstanding results in the sales area.

Despite the occasional network challenges which affected assisted deposits
and smooth onboarding of new subscribers and agents, the team pulled
through to deliver more than 80% of agreed KPIs in the past three months.

After recent rationalization, we have continued to manage the 970 canvassers in our care and have kept Labour turnover to not more than 10%. Salary payment and overall welfare of the canvassers have been properly managed and the level of enthusiasm or morale of Canvassers has been relatively high

The structure is simple. The field force is managed by a project manager who is a seasoned marketing and activation professional. He oversees the activities of the team and ensures KPIs are met and exceeded. 


An effective sales activation program is a long-term strategy that provides business development personnel with the resources, methodologies, insights, and technology they need to present prospects with the correct information at the right moment. It is a marketing, sales, and technology platform that serves up answers (and sales results) as prospects go forward in their quest to solve their problems and find the product or service that fulfills their needs.

At CPPL, we understand the importance of sales activation and proper project management. When it comes to delivering high-value KPIs, we are on top, let’s be the creative and strategic minds behind your marketing activities. Click the link below to send us a brief or call/WhatsApp us at 07011962027.

Authors: Adedoyin & Titilope

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© Copyright 2012 – 2022 Customer Passion Point Limited All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2012 – 2022 Customer Passion Point Limited All rights reserved.