Growth is an inevitable part of life and very essential to business. If a business is not growing, then it is dying. Continuous learning and empowering employees to acquire appropriate skills and competencies are extremely important to acheive build / evolve a brand. Skilled staff ensures better business performance. Continuous capabilities development, unfortunately is an area businesses often overlook until it begins to hurt them. CPPL Training Programs are designed to help employees and business owners develop the appropriate skills and competencies required to run and manage their businesses / functions effectively. Our programs are designed in a way that makes learning and development easy and affordable. We offer both facilitator lead programs and online classes via a very secure online training portal. At the end of any of our training programs, we ensure further learning by enrolling all participants into the CPPL Training Programs Alumni, where learning continues at no extra cost. We are proud of this and its a striong differentiator for us.

CPPL Training Programs.

For us at Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL), training and development of human capital is about improving performance, increasing sales and ensuring better returns to stakeholders. We therefore deliver our promises through quality people, in depth understanding of insights from the market and the balancing of strategy, creativity and execution.