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Doris Wig Business Success Story

Doris & Eno

In business, the client or customer is simply looking for value, only value. Let me tell you the story of Doris and Eno, two wig vendors on Instagram who ventured into the business of selling wigs at about the same time.

The first time they met was in Vietnam, where they had gone to source human hair from a popular supplier, one of the best in fact. In 3 years, Doris had opened outlets in all the major cities across Nigeria.

She had even gone on to open a branch in Accra and Dubai. She made trips to Vietnam and China twice every month to stock up on supplies. Her growth was phenomenal.

Eno's Challenge

Eno, on the other hand was still operating from the same store and her trips to Vietnam weren’t as frequent. In fact, she only travelled to restock twice a year because she was struggling to sell off the old stock.

To the casual observer, they were selling the exact quality of human hair, they had the same supplier. Why then was Eno struggling to make sales and Doris opening branches of her business here and there?


What Doris Did?

The truth? Doris went the extra mile for her customers. She showed them how to take care of their wigs at home by themselves. She offered free tutorials on how to style wigs at home so as not to pay an extra dime to a stylist.

She even went as far as writing a booklet: “The perfect wig for every occasion”. In this booklet, she highlighted different wigs one could wear to different occasions; parties, work, church etc.

The Result

Her customers loved that she had given them all this information (value) and they easily recommended her to their friends, sisters, colleagues and mums!

This is the secret to Doris’ phenomenal success. She constantly gives value. How can you give value today?

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