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Business Strategies for Growth and Profitability

AXA Mansard

The Challenge

AXA Mansard Insurance sought to enhance staff business strategy skills through a tailored program by CPPL, aiming to boost brand representation, sales effectiveness, and profitable relationships. The challenge identified was the need for employees to drive growth and profitability while representing AXA Mansard suitably.

Our Solution

The solution involved a corporate training to equip teams with strategies for acquiring, retaining, and growing profitable customers, emphasizing value creation, customer delight, effective selling, project management, and personal effectiveness.

The program encompassed topics like prospecting, sales pitching, customer management, project delivery, and personal effectiveness. It was conducted physically over two days, featuring sessions led by one facilitator, encouraging peer learning and practical application.

The Result

Participants gained insights into setting sales goals, handling objections, delivering great customer service, and understanding the relevance of project management in insurance. Assessments showcased high satisfaction, with most participants expressing eagerness to recommend the program and highlighting the impact on their professional growth.

Overall, the training significantly enhanced participants’ understanding of professional business strategy development, execution, stakeholder engagement, and positively impacted their job performances at AXA Mansard Insurance.