CPPL Business Development Masterclass.

Business development is a big deal; it is about creating and selling value, leading your brand, building and maintaining healthy & lasting loyal relationships with your customers, and delivering profitable stakeholder value.

CPPL Business Development Masterclass is a physical training program perfectly designed to give you the absolute upper hand in your marketplace and industry.

The Business Development Strategies Masterclass provides you with the skills and strategies you need to increase your sales, make profits and grow your business into an industry leader.

Your upper hand and superior performance in your marketplace and industry can only be guaranteed by the quality of skills, experience, and strategies you possess at the time of execution. The better refined the skills you have, the more likely you will succeed in your business development role at your organisation.

The key challenge facing most businesses is the need for continuous growth in volume, value and market share. This challenge gets even tougher with increasing competition, leaving more options open and struggling to discern the right profitable consumers and trade channel/distribution partners.

You can learn these various brilliant skills and winning strategies with our expert guidance and instructions. Details of the program are in the flier below:

What you’ll learn;
  • Build a practical business development strategy
  • Build mutual and strong relationships with clients
  • Improve your conversation skills
  • Manage team and performance
  • Track your development plan performance
  • Create and implement growth-enhancing strategies

  • No previous knowledge required

Who this course is for
  • Business Owners
  • Career Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Executives

Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL) is a firm of Value Creation Consultants providing consulting and training solutions to small, medium and large corporations. We are actively involved in connecting brands with profitable consumers by creating cutting-edge plans and strategies that are effective, efficient, affordable and easy to manage.

The CPPL Business Development Masterclass is a physical, facilitator-led class. For the past five years, more than 400 business owners and young professionals have participated in the monthly programs with exciting testimonies to share. Below is one of such amazing testimonies;

“Since my company started training with CPPL, our value creation has been enormously increased and that is why the CEO has practically made it compulsory for every staff to attend your training” — Gideon Osadolor, NIIT, Lagos

After the Business Development masterclass; the ‘icing on the cake for you’ is the CPPL Training Programs Alumni. Yes, you will automatically be admitted into the CPPL Training Program Alumni, where you have unrestricted access to our experts at no extra cost.

You will get regular updates on market trends and useful tips to keep you on top of your sales and value creation game.

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